The Mayfest Exhibition, held within the intimate setting of the Sacred Space Gallery of St John’s Notting Hill, will showcase the varied work of three talented and exciting artists throughout the entirety of the festival. We will be displaying works by Lorenzo Belenguer, Ellin Jane Kennard and Christina France which will be on public display at each Mayfest event and also available for purchase.

Lorenzo Belenguer

Marylin Monroe #2 by Lorenzo Belenguer

Lorenzo Belenguer’s work straddles the realms of sculpture, painting and drawing. In one area of his practice, he transforms metal objects into sculptures that evolve from the visual rhetoric of Minimalism and double as ‘canvases’.

ellin jane


ellin jane is an Australian artist currently traveling around the world, taking inspiration from each destination and recording it in her artwork.

ellin has been painting from the age of 13, having been encouraged by her mother, who is also an artist and art teacher.  She paints in any medium she can get her hands on, acquiring new skills every day.

She has spent a lot of her time in Europe, learning about new cultures and gaining a variety of artistic experiences.  These included, sketching what she saw of early civilisations while travelling through the Upper Nile in Egypt; painting pictures of mountains such as the Saint Victoire-Aix en Provence, a breathtaking limestone range in France, following the footsteps of Cezanne and Van Gogh.  Then being inspired by the artistic city of Paris with its colourful streets, energetic people, distinctive food and extraordinary folk music.  Also living in an art residency in Kreuzberg, Berlin, among like-minded people, discovering a new city while gaining confidence as an artist and exhibiting her work for the public to see.

Christina France


Christina France is an artist printmaker who, after a career in design and design education, has returned to her roots as an artist, working mostly through the medium of etching. She learnt the foundations of printmaking, particularly etching, at Kensington and Chelsea College and is now a member of the London Print Studio and the Printmakers Council.

She was successful in the Royal Academy Summer Show 2014 submission. The selected work, ‘Flection’ is part of a series of etchings made in response to balance and counterbalance, contemplating the undefined boundaries between figurative and abstract languages of form. The intangibility of the etching process, its alchemy and mystery determine the end result.

Her practice,tenuously and reverently treads the path laid down by the pioneers of British abstraction, whose considered works embody the spirit of post-war British art.